Guide to choosing your Italian property

Italian real estate comes in all shapes, sizes and locations. When buying in Italy the pitfalls can be avoided by using Realpoint's comprehensive service for buyers. Realpoint advises on choosing your property; we provide overviews of possible locations and insights into the Italian property market and property hot spots in Italy that offer good rental income. When you have a short list of properties to view we'll arrange your visit, and advise on financing of your Italian home, if required. We manage the sales process on your behalf, not the vendor's, and are by your side throughout your journey to completion in front of the public Notary.


Here are some things to consider when choosing your property:

Nationals from European Union (EU) countries, including the UK, can buy property and live freely in Italy relatively easy. If however, your nationality falls outside the EU, while you may be able to buy property in Italy, there might be restrictions on the length of time you can spend in the country each year. We can recommend the right experts to help you on your way.

Start thinking about your budget – decide at the outset about how much you can afford and how you will fund your property. If you require a mortgage or finance to purchase what options are there? Realpoint can advise you on Italian mortgages. Property prices in Italy are almost always negotiable.  

You will also need to consider exchange rate fluctuations and the effects this will have on your purchase price. We can advise on Foreign Exchange

Where do you want to live in Italy? Which regions attract you? For example Tuscany, Umbria or Puglia? Italy has a great variety of landscapes: lakes, coastline, mountains and plain so there is a wide choice. Please see our Discover Italy pages for information on Italian regions.

Do you want your home in a village or town, close to a village with services, or in a more isolated position with no near neighbours?

What type of property are you looking for; a traditional property such as a stone farmhouse, a new villa or an apartment?

Do you want a property ready to live in, or would you consider buying and restoring a property. If you are thinking about restoration see our Renovation Guide

Will it be a holiday home, or are you planning to live there all year round?  

Are you thinking or renting out the property? Sea view villas, farmhouses with pools and ski apartments all offer attractive rental income and your property can pay for itself. Does the area have other attractions? Is there easy access to an airport?  

What size of property are you looking for? How many bedrooms, bathrooms or the floor area in square metres.

Do you want a pool or space to build one?

Are you looking for a property that includes other buildings such as a barns or stable? These often come with farmhouses and can be converted into further living accommodation for yourself or for your guests.

Do you want land with your property and if so how much? What type of land and for what purpose? Do you want to look out onto olive groves or orchards?

Another aspect to be considered is accessibility and facilities. Is the area that you have chosen well served by airports. Can you get to your property easily on well maintained roads? Is there a nearby rail station and local bus services? What about facilities? Is the area well served by hospitals, doctors and, for those with children, schools?  

Plan your timings. When can you view properties? When would you like to complete on your new property?

Contact us for an initial call, or send us your requirements, so we can suggest your perfect Italian home.