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How To Buy Property For Sale In Italy

Realpoint specialises in the sale of Italian property. Since 1995, we have been helping buyers from all over the world find and purchase their ideal home in Italy. Our extensive selection of Italian real estate ensures we have properties to suit all tastes and budgets from affordable homes to luxury villas.

Experienced property consultants are on hand to assist you. They'll answer any questions you have about buying property in Italy, and with their in depth understanding of the Italian property market can suggest real estate investment opportunities in every Italian region.

We provide clients with as much information as possible so they make informed decisions when purchasing their Italian home. To see the full range of our real estate services please read our guides to: 

and much more...

Browse our Discover Italy pages for insights into where to invest in Italy and what you can get for your money in each Italian region.

When your home in Italy presents itself, Realpoint will manage the entire Italian sales process on your behalf ensuring the purchase of your  Italian home runs smoothly and promptly to completion.

Buying Italian Property Securely

For vendors of Italian property, we offer a world wide audience. Realpoint's top ranking website and attractive marketing options ensure your property is viewed by thousands of clients searching for an Italian home. Please see our Guide to Selling Italian Property

Per venditori di immobili in Italia. Se volete vendere la vostra proprieta  Italiana contattate Realpoint Property e capirete perche cosi tanti proprietari utilizzano il nostro servizio internazionale. Guardate Come Possiamo Assistere

If you are an Italian agent or real estate professional why not contact Realpoint to find out how we can increase your sales of Italian property to the international market. Please read our Guide to Selling Italian Property through Realpoint 

And here  is what our clients think...


"I have been perusing your website for a while, and it is soley due to it's excellence and wealth of information that I chose to contact you. There are many websites and services around, but I figure that if they can't get it together to make a proper website or answer emails, how are they going to be able to help me sort out a major project? The thouroghness of your reply reassures me further."  Joe Santaniello, Norway

We're Responsive...

"You have been extremely attentive and responsive to our inquiries and we sincerely appreciate it.  We have dealt with other real estate agencies in the past and their responsiveness left a lot to be desired.  Yours is a very refreshing change." John Wilbur, U.S.A.

We put in the effort..

"Firstly, Amanda and I really want to thank you for everything you have done for us over the past few weeks. We would never have been in the position to see any properties, let alone start the process of making a purchase if you hadn't put a lot of effort in on our behalf. ..Some other expat friends of ours have already inquired about our process and experience of purchasing in Italy and I've already passed RealPoint details onto those different groups (Australian guy and a US couple)."  George & Amanda Scorgie U.A.E

"I would like to say that the service you have offered is second to none." Dee Doyle, Bristol, UK

New owners.. 

"Just a quick note to thank you very much for facilitating my rapid acquisition of the property in Punta Ala. I truly love it and it is one of my dreams come true. Thank you for being a part of it!" Dr Denise Santucci, New York, USA

"All in all, a great deal, and a place our family will love for a lifetime.  I feel as though it would have been a perfect house hunters international episode. We had three homes in mind and ended up with the best one!  Thank you so much for all your help.  It was well worth your fees.   It's amazing what you can do" Shelley & Siva Paramanandam, California, U.S.A.

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