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Italian Homes For Sale

Homes for sale in ItalyAn Italian home for sale in Tuscany surrounded by vineyards or a home in Liguria with a olive grove either would fit the dream of many looking at homes for sale in Italy.

Browse our site and you will find a wonderful selction of Italian homes.

Deciding which region you wish to have your Italian hime is the first step on your journey. Please see our guide to Italy's regions as there is a difference between homes in the north of Italy and homes in the south in Puglia and Sicily.

Our guide to finding and buying Italian property has tips on what to look out for and explains how a home purchase is carried out in Italy. 



Homes For Sale In the South of Italy

Homes for sale in Southern ItalyHomes for sale in southern Italy

Most homes in the south are white and have a terraced roof. Homes for sale in Puglia, Sicily and Basilicata are cool in the summer as the white houses reflect the light whereas flat roofs collect rain water, much needed in the dry climate of the south of Italy. 

Traditional homes have vaulted ceilings, terracotta floors and balconies. Detached country homes have dry stone walls that surround vineyards and olive groves.

Southern Italy combines good value homes and the beauty of centuries of civilisation. 

Homes For Sale In Northern Italy

Homes for for sale in Emilia Romagna ItalyTown houses can be found in the medieval centres of towns in  Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche

Italian homes with character, often dating back centuries. You are likely to have a balcony but outdoor space is more difficult to find.  The beauty of having a home in the historic centre is that you are part of the everyday life of the town and its history.

A typical town home in the old quarter of a town will often terracotta floors and wooden beams. Renovated homes keep original features and add a touch of modern

Village homes  for sale in Italy are often in picturesque locations and if renoavtion is needed, it allows you to create your perfect village home in Italy. Please refer to our guide to renovation.

Life in Italian villages follow the rhythm of life of another time. Everyone knows each other, so the an village itself is an Italian family home.


Homes For Sale In An Italian Borgo

Home for sale Tuscany Italy Italian homes for sale in a Borgo

Italian borgo (hamet) make attractive Italian homes. Homes located in fantastic locations in Tuscany and Umbria. They are often on hilltops and centred in the most idyllic settings such as in Val d'Orcia in Tuscany or Orvieto and Ameila in Umbria.  Such houses offer attractive rental income.




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Price Guide For Italian Homes

Property prices of homes for sale in Italy

Prices are often compared using price per m2 (square metre) of the property.  This exludes any factors such as adjoining land, gardens, vineyards, swimming pool - it is based only on the total building area and they main variable is therefore the location. Whilst this is not 100% accurate it can provide a useful comparison as long as any two properties have the same features.

A typical 3 bedroom home on the Tuscany coast with pool and 5,000 m2 of land will be around 3-4,000 Euro per m2. Inland homes cost less at around 2,500 Euro per m2.  Prices in the regions of Puglia, Sicily and in southern Italy in general are lower with coastal homes at around 2-2,500 Euro per m2 and inland 1-1,500 Euro per m2.

Prices of homes that require renovation depends on the work required. Please refer to out guide to renovation.

Please contact us If you would like to discuss our homes for sale in Italy. We will be happy to call you, or drop us an email with your requirements.

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An alternative to buying your home in Italy

Italian Homes for sale as Fractional Ownership

Did you know there is another way to own a luxury Italian home for a fraction of the cost? Fractional or Collective Ownership allows buyers to collectively own a luxury Italian home with a pool and land. Authentic Italian properties set amongst vineyards and olive groves and enjoying sea views in locations of outstanding natural beauty.    

As a lifestyle choice, fractional ownership makes sense as the majority of us struggle to take more than 5 weeks’ vacation each year. As a fractional owner you will enjoy five weeks in a luxury property for each share purchased, but annual maintenance and running costs are divided with fellow owners. 

The Pinelli Estate 

The Pinelli estate in Campania is a superb example of a luxury Italian home with pool and land being sold fractionally. The Pinelli estate is expertly managed to guarantee owners an outstanding Italian experience every time.  For more details of  the Pinelli estate take a look at our fractional ownership page

We are constantly assessing farm properties as potential candidates for Fractional Ownership in Tuscany, Piemonte, Puglia. Le Marche and other popular regions. Contact Us if  you wish to be notified as new fractional properties come onto the market.