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Houses and homes in Bari - key information

Bari, capital of the region of Apulia and the province of the same name, lies in southern Italy - on the Adriatic coast. It is the largest city in Apulia and the second largest in southern Italy after Naples.
Houses and homes in Bari - key information

Information about Bari

Bari was already a thriving centre when the Romans arrived. Later the city was the seat of the Byzantine governor of southern Italy, while under the Normans Bari rivalled Venice, both as a maritime centre and, following the seizure of the remains of St Nicholas, as a place of pilgrimage. Since those heady days Bari has declined considerably. Its fortunes revived briefly in 1813 when the king of Naples foisted a planned expansion upon the city – giving the centre its contemporary gridded street pattern, wide avenues and piazzas. And Mussolini instituted a university and left a legacy of strident Fascist architecture. But the city was heavily bombed during the last war, and today its vigorous centre is a symbol of the south's zeal for commercial growth.

The town consists of three parts: the old town on the peninsula to the north, with the splendid Basilica of San Nicola, the Cathedral of San Sabino (1035 - 1171) and the Swabian castle, now also one of the major nightlife districts; the Murattiano town to the south with a seafront promenade, major shopping district and heart of the city, and the newest enlarged quarters all around.
Province: Bari
Region: Puglia

Local Facilities

Wide selection of shops, restaurants and services.

Tourist Attractions

The church of San Nicola, founded in 1087 to receive the relics of the saint, which were brought from Myra in Lycia, and now lie beneath the altar in the crypt. The church is one of the four Palatine churches of Apulia (the others being the cathedrals of Acquaviva and Altamura, and the church of Monte Sant'Angelo on the Gargano).


Fiera del Levante: the largest trade fair in the Adriatic, is held in September in the west side of Bari, and attracts exhibitors from Italy, the Mediterrean and beyond. Mainly focused on agriculture and industry, has also a section called Fair of Nations for handcrafted merchandise from all over the world.