Agropoli Marina

The Italian Investor Visa

Following the recent changes announced to the Italian Investor Visa Program (known as the "Golden Visa") and with a reduced investment required, Italy is proving a popular destination through its investor program. The options to date are:

  • €1 million in government bonds issued by the Italian Republic,
  • philanthropic donation €500,000 for investments in companies that are operating in Italy
  • €250,000 for investment in an innovative start-up business

Realpoint are now able to offer an Investor Visa Program for the latter option - the investment in start-ups - which takes advantage of of the reduced investment criteria.

The Pinelli Investor Visa Program

Realpoint have been working closely with the Pinelli Group for several years and we are proud to be able to offer their new product - the Pinelli Investor Visa Program - to all our clients. The Pinelli Group have support from the Italian authorities to develop solid investment opportunities which also offer unique and attractive benefits. The key to the success of this program is two-fold:

  • a simple investment to satisfy the innovative start-up requirement, and
  • a fractional ownership property which covers the accommodation requirement

Realpoint are now able to offer this Italian Investor Visa to their clients - be sure to register your interest as availability in this program is limited.

The Investment Opportunity - start-up

The Pinelli MarinaVillage will consist of new bars, restaurants, & innovative shops to promote the products and produce of Cilento & attract high-net-worth individuals & families.

Key Features of your investment:

  • An exciting opportunity to support the young entrepreneurs of Campania, creating employment & support under guidance from mentors & investors
  • Provide new business opportunities to deliver services for HNW tourism
  • Develop Agropoli Marina as a key tourist destination creating a vibrant waterfront village attracting visitors
  • Provide a minimal environmental impact through a sustainable tourism development for the marina
  • Through the 15 businesses in the proposed Marina Village, approximately 63 jobs are envisaged to be created.


Your accommodation in Italy

Italian Auctions Seal BidsYour accommodation requirements can be satisfied through the successful Pinelli Fractional Ownership model which includes full property-management as standard, taking care of everything when you're not there. 


  • You own the asset. A share of the property which can increase in value
  • exclusive occupation entitlement of a high-end luxury property that will be fully-managed the whole time you do not require it
  • no management or maintenance headaches
  • meets the requirements for the Italian Investor Visa

You can be eligible for the Italy Investor Visa if you are a non-EU citizen and make a single investment into an innovative start-up and has to be directed to only one entity and be of at least 250,000 euros in an innovative start-up registered in the special section of the referred to in article 25, paragraph 8, of the decree-law 18 October 2012, n. 179, converted, with amendments, by law 17 December 2012, n. 221: (297)


The Pinelli Investor Visa Program provide the support for you to secure your via, but of course there are conditions which you need to satisfy. In summary these are :

  • €250,000 available for investment in a registered innovative start-up
  • Fulfill investments within three months of the date of visa approval
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have legally acquired financial assets substantiated by an attorney, IPA or bank
  • Financial resources that are fully transferable and in your name only
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy - part of the Pinelli Investor Visa program

For more details about the Investor Visa Program and your eligibility, register now and download your free guide below.

Free Guide to Investor Visa

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Learn how you can obtain a second residency or citizenship in Italy through investment. Pre-release expressions of interest now being accepted. Download your free 5-step guide to the Pinelli Investor Visa program whilst still available.

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