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Pinelli Voyages - the Pinelli motor yacht

Fractional ownership in ItalyPinelli Voyages provide the opportunity to share in a stunning Rizzardi CR50 Top Line  - a classic Italian designed and built motor yacht with a touch of luxury to match.

The Pinelli group established their reputation with their fractional ownership property in Campania and have applied the same level of quality and care in providing this luxury motor yacht - Pinelli I - as a fractional ownership yacht.

The approach is simple, just two goals:
 - to open up luxurious yachting experiences to more people
 - to make luxurious yachting an enjoyable, fun and problem-free experience

This is achieved by offering this powerful and sporty motor yacht, the ideal boat to explore the Amalfi coast, its islands and to discover the secrets of southern Italian waters such as Castellabate, Pisciotta, Camerota and so much more.

Yachting vacations let you enjoy these new landscapes and seascapes in a very different way to land-based holidays. Enjoy glorious sunrises and magnificent sunsets from a new perspective, relax after dinner under the stars with your firends and family aboard your own private yacht. With no distractions from the outside world, you can enjoy your days swimming, snorkeling and jet skiing  - or of course just relax on the deck with a good book as a friend.

If this sounds like something that you would enjoy, read about how this can be yours below, or just contact us directly and we will exoplain everything you need to know.

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The Pinelli - Rizzardi CR50 Top Line

Fractional Ownership at the Pinelli Estate Campania ItalyThe  Rizzardi CR50 Top Line measures  over 16 metres with a sleek hull created to cut effortlessly through the waves, The Pinelli comfortably reaches the cruising speed of 28 knots, whilst accelerating up to 40 knots if desired.

Sleeping comfortably 6, the 3 cabins are fully air-conditioned with their own heads [bathrooms] to accommodate you and your guests in total elegance and comfort thanks to the ingenious use of the interior space and deck design.
By day, the spacious layout allows up to a dozen people to come on board and enjoy port/restaurant hopping along the beautiful coastline.

Featuring two expansive sun decks, one accessible from the aft and the other one from the bow.
Rich in soft light leather, the luxurious soft furnishings of the air- conditioned interior saloon provide a shaded sanctuary from the sun-filled skies.
The Pinelli offers the perfect blend of head-turning Italian built style and unbridled power. Best of all, the only decisions you have to make are which drink you fancy and which destination you want to head towards.
Then, simply sit back, feast your eyes on the breathtaking views and enjoy the fully-crewed ride.


The key technical information for this superb motor yacht is

  • Model: Rizzardi CR50 Topline
  • Length : 16 metres
  • Beam : 4.35 metres
  • Draft : 1.30 metres
  • Range : approx. 300 nautical miles

For a detailed specification, see The Pinelli Technical Specifications (opens in new window)

The Pinelli - what is included and what does it cost?

The Pinelli is offered through shared ownership which offers you a flexible and cost-effective way to own your own boat, without the headaches of management and mooring when you aren't using it.

Essentials included with your ownership :

  • published schedule which offers each owner their choice of use each year
  • an option to swap with other owners - either sea weeks or land based weeks with home-owners at the Pinelli Estate
  • hiring and monitoring of the crew
  • purchasing material and supplies
  • overseeing shipyard work and maintenance
  • accounts management

Costs of ownership:

  • £22,500 per share of 30 total (Note 1)
  • each share provides one full week of exclusive ownership use per annum
  • annual maintenance charge per share £1,000
  • owners rebate upon 5th year exit £3,000 (Note 2)
  • Typical ownership share cost per year £4,900


Note 1 - Comparably the private charter rate for this vessel is from €9,000 per week, therefore it would cost you at least €45,000 to charter this vessel over 5 years 

Note 2 - Rizzardi resale forecasted at £90,000 / 30 shares = £3,000 each

Enjoy a luxury life style by buying a share in this luxury motor yacht -- sold exclusively through Realpoint

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The Pinelli - Rizzardi CR50 Top Line

The Pinelli Skipper
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The Pinelli heading to shore

Advantages of Yacht Shared Ownership

Fractional ownership is a business concept that has been around for decades. It is a method of ownership where several people can own a share in an expensive asset.  Financially it makes more sense than renting each year, and of course owning the yacht means you enjoy the experience in a very different way.

A fractional approach to investment has advantages compared to owning the entire asset - lower purchase costs, reduced risks and time spent on maintenance and upkeep. The Pinelli Voyages programme builds on the quality service that defines the Pinelli Group and now applied to a specific class of asset, the luxury yacht.

Fractional ownership spreads the cost of purchase and management of the asset across a set of owners. Because management is carried out by an independent professional, you are free to enjoy yourself and removed from the burden of management responsibilities. Each owner can use their share according to the terms of the purchase. The fractional ownership model works well for luxury yachts because most yacht owners only use their yacht for a few weeks each year and the costs to acquire and maintain a yacht can be immense.

Pinelli Voyages programme you can ue the yacht for your own purposes. Some owners buy shares for personal use and additional shares for business use such as corporate entertaining, retreats, chartering, and hosting clients. Most owners could afford to purchase the entire yacht outright, but realise that it makes better financial sense to utilise fractional ownership.

A note - people often ask if this is timeshare by another name - and the answers is an emphatic No! With timeshare arrangements, you do not own a share in the asset, merely the right to use that property for a set period of time - when your time runs out, you are left with nothing. With fractional ownership, you own the asset and receive a deeded title reflecting your ownership. If you desire, you can transfer or sell your asset whenever you want.


Being an owner of a Pinelli Voages fracional yacht offers:Collective and Fractional Ownership in Italy

  • Economic sense - A luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the ownership cost.
  • An efficient, well run management company to take care of all aspects of the running of the yacht, including maintenance, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your cruising.
  • Your share is an asset like any other that can be transferred and sold.
  • Excellent mooring location for luxury yachting - the Cilento and Amalfi coastline awaits you.
  • Buying multiple shares is also possible.

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Top 10 Questions - Pinelli Voyages Fractional Ownership

1. Is my investment safe?

Yes, each vessel is owned by a separate UK-registered company. The owners own the company through shares, the company owns the yacht. This is important as the fractional (or collective) ownership purchasing model should not be confused with timeshare arrangement. Once the share purchase is made, the owner can sell or pass on the share to family members.

We believe that fractional ownership provides a cost-effective option when compared with full ownership or weekly rental. Rental proices for this class of vessel can be around £14,000 per week, so you can quickly see the benefits of fractional ownership.

2. What is the cost of collective share ownership?

The Rizzardi CR50 Top Line fractional ownership share costs £22,500 per share and provides you with one week usage each year.

Why not purchase multiple shares to provide you with more weeks exclusive use each year and the option of enjoying rental income for unused weeks, or use it for business events.

There is an annual maintenance fee of  £1,000 for each (share) owner.

3. What are the closing costs on my purchase?

There are no fees when purchasing your share, but there are the costs of :

  • UK Government stamp duty currently 0.5% of the share purchase price
  • Your legal counsel

4. Are the weeks offered variable?

Yes. The weeks are allocated each year on a rotating priority basis, to ensure each owner always receives weeks in the peak season and weeks in the off peak season. Weeks may be exchanged with co-owners, used by friends and family or rented to a third party,

5. Can I rent my weeks?

If you wish to rent part or all of your weeks, then the management company will assist you, although this cannot be guaranteed. The potential income from rental is very attractive and buying one or multiple shares allows you to take full advantage of the your fractional yacht ownership.

6. How can we visit the yacht before buying our share?

We strongly recommend an inspection visit to discover the secrets of the Pinelli Voyages programme as soon as possible. We will assist you in arranging your visit.

7. Can I change my mind: if so, by when?

Yes. There is a mandatory 14 day cooling off period after you have paid your deposit which will be returned in the unlikely event you decide not to proceed.

8. Can I sell my Fractional Ownership share at any time in the future?

You are free to sell your share at any time, at a price that you agree with the purchasing party. Re-sale of shares  must always be offered to existing shareholders first. The management company will assist owners in the sale of their share if they wish to.

Also note that ownership is limited to 5 years, after which the yacht will be resold, and the net sale proceeds will be shared between the owners.

9. Are there any ownership rules?

Yes. The holding of the owner’s share is subject to the terms of a subscription agreement, the articles of association of the company and a set of house rules and regulations. These documents will be made available as part of the acquisition process. 

10. What type of people does Pinelli Voyages Fractional Ownership programme suit

Fractional ownership is flexible and is attractive to people who may have capital tied up in other investments but still want to enjoy a high-end luxury asset. Equally it appeals to people who want a well-managed asset and who realise they can only enjoy their yacht for a week ot two each year.

It is suitable for:

  • Frequent sailors who are interested in buying a luxury yacht but want to experience the whole sailing experience or location before committing to whole ownership
  • People who would like to invest in yachts in several different countries or resort locations to reduce their financial commitment in a single destination
  • People who could afford whole ownership of a kluxury yacht but would not use it sufficiently to justify a whole purchase
  • Buyers who rent a yacht each year and find the costs expensive and rentals conditions limiting

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