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Fractional Ownership - Summary

Fractional ownership means that you share the full ownership of a property with other co-owners. This could be other members of your family or friends, but in most cases this will simply be other investors of the Fractional Ownership Property. You own the building as if it were your own - just shared rather than the whole. This makes it as much an asset as a traditional purchase, but without the worries of property management when you are not there.

The ownership is defined, as with any other property, by the title deed, which will be divided into fractions typically ranging from one quarter to one twelfth. This gives you the right to stay in your property for the corresponding fraction of the year. As you own your asset, you can of course sell your fraction whenever you want (*).

The property will be managed by a company established by the developer but funded by the Fractional Owners. Each fractional owner contributes to an annual maintenance fund. Good management is a key aspect of Fractional Ownership.

(*) This may be dictated by the developer - for example a minimum ownership period could be required in some cases.

Some background to Fractional Ownership Property

In the US, fractional ownership has been around for over 20 years, and has been used for both condo-hotels, villas, but also for private jets and yachts. This makes a lot of sense - why would you want the hassle of full ownership with all the costs of maintenance when you only use something for a few weeks per year.

In Europe this concept has been slow to gain acceptance but in the last 12 months the interest has increased dramatically. Fractional ownership is the fastest growing segment of the property market and now it is catching on in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe. The association with timeshare is not justified - with timeshare you own nothing - you just have access to a property for a limited number of years. With Fractional Ownership Property you own the "bricks and mortar" in perpetuity and have your name on the deed. This makes it a valuable asset which can be sold.

In order to share a Fractional Ownership Property between the owners, there have to be rules for sharing access to the property. This is invariably achieved using a rotating calendar so that you always get a fair share of both the peak seasons and off-peak seasons. Fractions can vary from 1/4 to 1/52 but the usual model is 1/12, which must also allow a few weeks per year for annual maintenance.

Many providers of Fractional Property also offer access to an exchange network where you can exchange you share in your Fractional Property with an alternative property anywhere in the world - of equal quality of course. Two of the market leaders providing this service are Interval International and The Registry Collection - part of the RCI Group.

Fractional Ownership in Italy

Italy, along with much of Europe, is embracing Fractional Ownership property. Developers see this as a new alternative to the traditional model of build & sell, and also find that there is much more interest from buyers because of the additional services provided which are so important for Fractional Ownership to be successful.

Italian property lends itself to Fractional Ownership in two ways. Firstly, there are numerous high-value but expensive properties which would only appeal to a few very affluent individuals. With Fractional Ownership you can buy into whole property on a shared basis, but still have the same amount of usage that you would have if you owned the whole property.

Secondly there are resorts with lots of facilities such as golf, wine-tasting, 24-hour concierge, pools, tennis, etc.

A further bonus is that as a Fractional Owner you would (depending on the provider of the property) have access to other resorts worldwide through exchange networks such as Interval International and The Registry Collection.

Guide for buyers of Fractional Ownership Property in Italy

As with buying anything, care should be taken that you fully understand what you are buying and the terms of your purchase. The following considerations should be made when planning to purchase a fractional ownership property:

- engage the services of a lawyer who has knowledge of Fractional Ownership. We can recommend the services of such a lawyer, but of course you are free to choose your own.

- make sure you are obtain equity in the property. All Fractional Property provide this. If this is not clearly stated, then this is some kind of timeshare sale.

- ensure that the developer or provider of the property has a contract that covers all eventualities. If you have any questions make sure you ask them and get satisfactory answers.

- check that the management holding company owns the property and you are buying your fractional share from them.

- check that the service provided by the management company relating to bookings, changeovers, renting out your weeks, allowing guests to use the property, maintenance of the property etc. is clear and understood.

- maintenance charges should be clearly specified in advance

- understand the conditions under which you can sell your asset (your Fractional Ownership share) in future.

This list is not exhaustive, and we are sure that you will have many questions - your are not alone. We are here to help you with your purchase of Fractional Ownership property in Italy and can rely on our network of partners who have extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

There are numerous advantages to buying into a Fractional Ownership property, but here are a few :

- the property will be operated by a management company, providing peace of mind and creating the feel that you actually own the whole property when you stay

- it is a perfect alternative to "lock up and go" property - and at a fraction of the price

- access to an exchange network which means you can choose to say in similar high quality resorts world-wide. You are not tied into a single property

- affordable ownership of some of the best property in Italy, but without the headaches of full ownership and of course at a fraction of the price.

Comments from the Press

See below to find out what the press is saying about Fractional Ownership:

Many buyers purchase fractionals not as an investment but as a vacation alternative… Such properties appeal to buyers who want exclusive getaways but who may be unwilling or unable to purchase a second home they will use for only a few weeks a year…The younger generation of buyers is viewing it as an alternative to full ownership because of the ease. You’re not paying for when the property is vacant and it’s become a convenient way to own a second home without all of the problems.

'Fractionals: A Hot Spot in a Cooling Market', The New York Times

It’s not hard to see the appeal of this new generation of second homes. With real estate hitting record highs even affluent buyers are experiencing sticker shock. And when you consider that the average vacation-home buyer uses the property just four to six weeks a year, well, a fractional begins to seem not only practical but downright preferable.

Conde Nast Traveler. February 2009

Fractional ownership is a phenomenon that is flourishing. While traditional luxury business product markets sink, and numerous business sectors batten down the hatches, it’s a market that continues to thrive apparently undaunted by the wider western economic downturn. If anything, the market is actually growing...

Daily Telegraph. October 2008

Support and Advice

Realpoint Property is committed to providing high quality Fractional Ownership in Italy and Europe to our clients. Over many years we have built up a reputation for quality service in the sales of properties and we continue to provide this service in the Fractional Ownership world.

We can achieve this by not working in isolation but calling on valuable expertise from our network of partners who have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Fractional Ownership.

As members of the AIPP we adhere to their code of conduct, so you can rest assured that you can buy safely through Realpoint Property.

Whatever your needs for Fractional Ownership please contact us in the first place and we would be happy to assist.

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