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Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in Italy, whether you are visiting or relocating to Italy the range of courses in Emilia Romagna means that you can almost certainly be within a short distance of an excellent course. Emilia Romagna has courses to suit all capablilites and in an excellent choice of settings.

Bologna Golf Club Emilia Romagna


Location of Emilia Romagna Golf Courses


Golf Courses in Eastern Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna's golf courses are numerous, beginning with those situated in the eastern parts of Emilia Romagna around Ravenna, Rimini, Forlì Cesena and Ferrara. Amidst an abundance of pine trees, sea views and lakes, the Adriatic Golf Club Cervia offers 27 holes at its links, while the 25-hole course at Rimini-Verrucchio Golf Club, immersed in the Valmarecchia park, features a marvelous view on the Medieval borgoes of Verucchio, Torriana and San Leo. The 18 holes of the Riviera Golf Resort unwind on the gently-rolling hills of Malatesta: sport, wellness and nature greet visitors to this resort with days of intense relaxation. Some of the best links here include Riolo Golf La Torre, with its rather technical layout that expands over approx. 200 acres of pristine nature; and C.U.S. Ferrara Golf, no more than 500 meters (1,640 ft) from Ferrara’s historic center. Admire the wonders left by the Renaissance that put this city on the UNESCO World Heritage List; then, head to the links! Whoever loves golf and decides to try their swing in these parts can add art and entertainment to the mix, perhaps admiring the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna or spending a day with the family in the area’s amusement parks. 

Golf Club Le Fonti  Emilia Romagna

Golf Courses in Bologna and Modena

The countryside around Bologna and Modena boasts just as many high-quality golfing establishments. Golf Club Le Fonti provides golfers with 17 holes that extend to 6,489 meters (or 21,289 feet), all within the charming setting of Valle del Sillaro (also close to reputed thermal spas). Just a hop away from Bologna is the historic Golf Club Bologna, built in 1959. Staying within the Bolognese section of the Appenine Range, the Molino del Pero Golf Club consists of a fun and varied course – 18 holes that run 5,480 meters long (17, 979 feet). At the Region’s dead center is the Modena Golf & Country Club, one of the best courses in all of Italy; with ample green and teeing ground, its fairway design includes five artificial lakes. The San Valentino Golf Club, rather (Commune of Castellarano-RE), is 18 holes inside 130 acres of woods and green. Those visiting one of these clubs should not miss a trip to see Bologna’s characteristic porticoes and towers in between games.

Golf Courses in Western Emilia Romagna

Not to be left out, the west of Emilia-Romagna – Reggio Emilia, Parma and Piacenza – is comparable in terms of golf establishments. Matilde di Canossa Golf is 18 holes of gentle pitches and slopes, extending up to 6,200 meters (20,341 ft); crossed by Quaresimo Creek, it overlooks an inspiring panorama of the surrounding territory. Golf Club La Rocca is also par for the region: 18 holes, 6,076 meters (19, 934 feet) long, and near several historically and naturally-rich sites, among which are Castello di Torrechiara, the Rocca di Fontanellato, Colorno and the Regional Park of Boschi di Carrega (Carrega Woods Regional Park). 

Distinguished for their beauty are Salsomaggiore Golf & Thermae, a natural paradise of 18 holes fit for a champion, within 70 hectares; Castell’Arquato Golf Club and its 18 holes just a stone's throw from Piacenza and a few minutes from the Medieval village of Castell’Arquato; and the Croara Country Club’s 18 rather technical links, inside the most natural of environments. No matter which of these greens one chooses, a pleasant stroll through the vias of Parma and Piacenza are always an enticing option for the evening. 

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Golf courses in Emilia Romagna
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