Camping in the beautiful mountain landscapes of Emilia Romagna

Guide to camping in Emilia Romagna

Camping in the Apennines of Emilia Romagna is a truly total experience. An unpolluted environment located in the Gigante National park, which crosses the border into Tuscany. The beauty of the area will make you dream of owning a property in the Italian mountains and there is a lot of well priced real estate for sale in the Apennines to make it come true.

Febbio Emilia Romagna

Just imagine! Emerging from your tent on a warm summer’s morning, you take a deep breath of the refreshing air, scented by Pine trees and wild flowers. Snow-capped mountains, lush meadows and an orchestra of birds singing surround you, your senses tingle with the beauty of the environment. All this and you haven’t even had breakfast yet!

Around you are Beech and Chestnut woods, trees which have been there for hundreds of years, wild fruit is everywhere to be picked: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and even Porcini mushrooms. Overhead the blue sky promises another wonderful day and as you sip your morning coffee you think about what is it to be today, cycling? Hiking? Visiting places of interest? You will probably begin to think of means whereby the inevitable return to work and the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be postponed for just a few more days…. If this is what you are looking for then camping in the Apennines is for you!

Camping Febbio 2000

The camping centre is located at the foot of Mt. Cusna at 1,145 m in Rescadore. Surrounded by beech woods and scenery to take your breath away, the campsite is also close to the ski resort of Febbio, the horse riding centre “La Sprella ranch” and the renowned observatory. The campsite is open all year round and has space for up to 350 people, the site being 20,000 m2. The ski lift is open both winter and summer so walking Itineraries can begin at 2,000 m during the summer months.

Comfortable bungalows are also available for visitors to rent. Each bungalow sleeps 4 to 5 persons. 

There are 87 places for mobile homes and caravans, each space being 35 m2. The parking spots are delimited clearly and each has its own electrical power source.

It is also possible to camp within the surrounding woods in designated areas. The campsite also has laundries with 2 washing machines, 10 dishwashers, and 10 washing sinks, eight showers and WC, for ease of use designed also for disabled campers. 

Price Guide

Camping from around €6 per day 

Bungalows and Camper Vans from around €.52 per day

Other sources of information:

These are both excellent sites, informative and in English, which provide in depth information about camping in the Gigante National Park.

The regional tourist board provides a comprehensive list of campsites in the Apennines 


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