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buy houses in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy
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buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy

Emilia Romagna
Lakes & Como
    South Tuscany

Emilia Romagna - properties in this area for saleWhy Italy?
Italy is, quite simply, enchanting! It is a country of excitement, colour and contrasts. The northern Alps, the lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore, the rolling hills of Tuscany, the Apennine mountains which run through the middle of the peninsula, sweeping down to the sumptuous golden beaches of the Mediterranean coastline. Magnificent architecture, marvellous food and wines, inspiring works of art and music, classic hill top towns; the list is endless. Italy, first and foremost is an experience waiting for you.

Italian property market
Italy is becoming more popular year after year. Flying to Italy has been revolutionized by the arrival of budget airlines, so wherever the house of your choice is located, it will be readily accessible. Italy also offers amazing variety in terms of the type of properties for sale and the prices. Property prices are increasing by about 10% to 15% per year and, with the ever growing interest in Italy as a second home location, you can be sure that your second home will also be an investment. Read more about the Italian Property Market

All About Italy

IItalian Alpsn your search for the perfect property abroad you may have drawn up a list of all the qualities you feel are essential, if the house you have always dreamt about is not to turn into a nightmare.

Of course it must be easy to reach, you will want to fly there cheaply and you won’t want a torturous four hour drive from the airport when you arrive. You may want to ski in the winter and lie on golden sandy beaches in the summer, you won’t want to worry whether the time you choose for your stay is a washout. You will want the people of your country of choice to be passionate and welcoming, the food and wine to be exceptional, you won’t want to have second rate food served by surly waiters.

You want enigmatic, picturesque towns with great shopping, where you can immerse yourself in the best art and music the human race has produced, you won’t want shabby precincts devoid of any sense of personality. You will also want fabulous panoramas, unpolluted environments and natural wonders close by, you won’t want a sea of concrete when you step outside your home. If you want all of these positive things and want to avoid all the pitfalls then there is only one place you will want to go … Italy!

Flying to Italy has been revolutionised by the arrival of budget airlines, Easy Jet, Ryan Air and Thompson to name but a few. The number of routes from the United Kingdom continues to grow while the cost of travel continues to decrease year on year. So wherever the house of your choice is located, you will be able to get there without forking out a King’s ransomgolden sandy beaches of Italy

The natural geography and elongated shape of the Italian peninsula gives the home owner easy access to both mountains and coast. The Alps to the north are complemented by the Apennine mountain range, running like a spine, down the middle of the country. The mountains sweep down to 7,600 km of sumptuous coastline and golden beaches. As a result, your property can be a base for both winter skiing and summer days spent lounging on the beach and swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.


Italian Fountain - an example of the wonderful architecture of italyAnyone who has been to Italy will know that Italians are a passionate, open and friendly people. At the top of the list of Italian passions is food and wine. You are really spoilt for choice, every region having its own specialities and local wines served in a dazzling variety of restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias. There is so much choice it would take two lifetimes to try everything, from the pasta and roast meats of the mountains to the delicate grilled fish courses of the coast, every palate is catered for.

If it is art, music and culture you are looking for then Italy is the place for you. The cradle of the Renaissance, the home of Leonardo, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Giotto, the birthplace of Verdi and Puccini, the land from which Dante drew his inspiration. No other European country can match Italy for the contribution it has made to western civilization.

After experiencing the best Italian art can offer, you can stroll through the porticoed streets, shopping till your heart’s content. Florence, Bologna, Siena, Assisi and San Gimigiano are all names that conjure up red tiled roofs, wonderful architecture and a world of elegance and style. Finish your day sipping a cool glass of white wine at a pavement café, watching the Italians.

Our regional pages are designed to highlight the best each area has to offer but the wealth of choice means that we are really only the starting point on your Italian voyage of discovery.

Click here if you are interested in Fractional Ownership Property in Italy.

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buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy
buy house in italy italian villas, italy farmhouse a place in the sun italy