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Guide To Property In Italy

Our Discover Italy guide gives an overview of Italy and the property for sale in each Italian region. Our guide provides useful insights into the Italian real estate market. Find out where property bargains and well priced Italian houses can be found. Which Italian regions are up and coming, and where to invest in Italy for attractive rental income from short term holiday lets. Our Discover Italy guide takes you through each region of Italy, helping you select the ideal Italian home, in the right Italian location for you.  

Guide to the Italian property market San Gimignano Tuscany

Italy's amazing variety of landscapes provides properties in the Italian mountains, on her lakes and over looking the sea along Italy's coastline of 7,600 km. The Alps and lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore offer real estate for sale with breath taking scenery. The hills of Tuscany and the rugged, green landscapes of Umbria, Le Marche and Emilia Romagna have  classic Italian farmhouses with sublime panoramas. In southern Italy, in Campania, Lazio and Sicily, affordable Italian homes are on sale minutes away form the golden beaches of the Mediterranean.

Location is a key when choosing an Italian property. Buying a villa with a roof terrace over looking the sea in Puglia is a different proposition to an apartment inside the Medieval walled towns of Lucca or Siena, both wonderful Italian properties in their own right, and both ideal for their location in Italy.

This diversity is what makes Italy so enchanting! A country of excitement and colour with the highest number of UNESCO heritage sites of any country in the world. Italy is the cradle of the Renaissance, the home of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Verdi and Puccini, a land from which Dante drew his inspiration.

Italy is not just wonderful landscapes it is also a country of magnificent architecture, marvellous food and wine, inspiring works of art and a haven for all kinds of sport, both winter and summer.

Our Discover Italy pages are designed to highlight the best each Italian location has to offer but the wealth of choice means that we are the starting point for your journey to your new Italian home.

Italy, first and foremost is an experience waiting for you.

Discover the regions of Italy

Discover more about the regions of Italy and what types of property you will find there. Just click on the region name below to find out more.

Located in the centre of the Italian peninsula, and offering well-priced properties for sale.
Basilicata is located between Calabria and Puglia, a relatively undiscovered,area for properties.
Calabria is the tip of the boot, the extreme south of Italy. Bathed by the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is separated from Sicily by the Straits of Messina. This region offers affordable beach-front apartments.
Campania in southern Italy has a buoyant property market and continues to provide excellent opportunities for second home owners looking to earn rental income from short term lets. The Salerno coast offers Italian sea view properties at value for money prices.
Emilia Romagna borders on Tuscany and Liguria, yet Italian property for sale can be up to 30-50% lower in Emilia for a similar property.
Lazio is the Italian region with Rome, the capital of Italy. Properties for sale in the centre of Rome and on the Lazio coast are expensive, but inland, and around Lake Bolsena, prices are more affordable.
Liguria is a region of contrasts and the properties on sale reflect this. There is a mix of beautiful Italian villas with sea views, charming rustic farmhouses and stunning seaside apartments, but expect to pay more the closer to the Italian Riviera you go.
Real estate in Lombardy is popular, as the region offers the Alps for skiing, Milan for business and fashion, and the Lakes of northern Italy to relax and unwind. Properties for sale on the Italian Lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda are always in demand
Le Marche is in central Italy between the Apennines mountains and the Adriatic sea and is well served by the airports of Ancona and Pescara. Property in Le Marche is popular with second home buyers.
Molise is the youngest Italian region and has a lively property market. Affordable properties make Molise an interesting location for second home buyers.
Real estate in Piemonte offers value for money properties in a region of mountains, vineyards and olive groves.
Houses for sale in Puglia and southern Italy cost less than in the north of Italy. There are bargains to be found with two bedroom properties for sale in Salento or Brindisi going for around 70,000 Euro.
Sardinia real estate remains very popular with second home buyers. Hardly surprising, as the island has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world: almost 2,000 kilometers of coastline, fine beaches and cliffs.
If you are thinking of investing in Italian real estate take a look at property for sale in Sicily. Real estate prices of masseria (farmhouses) and sea view villas around Ragusa in southern Sicily are low, around 750 - 1,000 Euro per m2.
Properties on the popular Italian Lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda achieve healthy rental returns, but as the Italian lakes are one of the most scenic parts of Italy, prices can be steep. Three-bedroom villas with a lake view, private terrace and garden on Como start at around 400,000 Euro. Lake side apartments on Maggiore, with access to a pool, start from 165,000 Euro.
Property in Tuscany tops the list of Italian real estate purchased by second home buyers. Investing in a Tuscan home offers the unique Tuscan experience, a region of rolling hills and olive groves, of wonderful stone farmhouses with panoramic views.
Demand for property in Umbria is second only to Tuscany. Throughout the picturesque Umbrian countryside and around Lake Trasimeno, stone farmhouses with olive groves and lake view villas await the investor who is thinking of buying a rural property with the option of renting for summer lets. I
Veneto has a wide range of real estate for sale. Venice and Verona have all year round tourism which means your Italian property investment can earn attractive rental income. Properties in Venice, on the Grand Canal or an apartment near the Rialto Bridge, go for around 3,500 Euro per m2.