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Speak Italian Like A Native

Speak Italian Like A Native

Learning Italian Is Easier Than You Think

To enjoy Italy to the full it's a good idea to learn Italian. Although many Italians speak English, many don't, so learning their language will not only impress but also go a long way to integrate you into the local community.

The majority of second home buyers in Italy plan to learn the language and enter into the local culture and life. It's part of the Italian experience to be able to chat with your neighbours, and it's surprising how much you can communicate even with a small amount of Italian. Italians are expansive and will tell you all about their children, grand children nieces and nephews, so probably the first vocabulary you'll learn will relate to the family.  You will also notice how patient and appreciative your neighbours are of the fact you are learning to speak their language. 

You will make mistakes as you go, but without them you can't improve. Don't worry, or get embarrassed, just press on to new levels of Italian language proficiency; it takes time, so you have to persevere - Rome wasn't built in a day! (Roma non era costruita in un giorno)  The more you practice, the fewer mistakes you'll make and soon you’ll be able to use a wide variety of phrases with confidence.

If you’re moving to Italy with children, try to learn alongside them. Children's literature and TV programmes are a good place to start. There are plenty of apps to down load or YouTube tutorials to watch. Try practicing Italian with your children; they will be able to correct your mistakes.

It is a good idea to take some lessons before you go to Italy, so you have some basic phrases and knowledge. Being able to order a coffee or a sandwich in a local café from day one will give you confidence and more phrases will quickly follow.

When you are in Italy opportunities to practice are everywhere, listen to the radio or watch the TV. Neighbours, shop keepers, bar owners will all happily engage you in conversation and its the first step on the road to a new friendship. You'll also have to learn the second Italian language - the hand gestures - but one step at a time.  

Enrol in a language course in your local town in Italy. There are private one to one classes or groups at evening classes; a chance to socialise with others facing the same challenges as you. You might meet Italians learning English in the same school. They'll want to speak English while you are determined to try out your Italian - it all makes for an interesting dialogue. 

As both Italian and English is based on Latin. Many words are similar, for example liberation is liberazione and family is familigia so you will be able to guess the meanings of many words.

Remember: practice as much as possible and don't give up, once you have mastered the language you'll be right at home in Italy.


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